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I was trying to give constructive critizim.
You actually kind of ignorant, no offence.
BTW I dont make music anymore.
And you need to accept that there are better artists then you.
And dont Zero my shit just cuz you mad bro :)

you're ignorant of the signals that i design, that take more knowledge then your generic piano roll fruit loops

and i wound'nt even bother opening up one of your songs to vote on it, dont want to hear the noise

BTW that guy seems like a obsessed stoner.
Thats annoying.

I just want to say something.....
It's because you completely shun criticism that you haven't improved over the last 5 years.

you havent listened to most of my output, prick, i dont cater to 14 year olds, and i only shun 14 year olds. i invite you to download renoise and try making music the way i do prick. it would take you more than 5 years to figure out all the processes and techniques in your little because you're too slow in the mind, prick

I wouldn't because you music just does not sound good.
At least I can take criticism.
You got some growing up to do.
Also some grammar skills to work on.

your one liner reviews arent ("it soundz like this") "criticism" you goofy looking retard, "sound good" right, with your pathetic auditory perception and inferior equipement, and because of that you make a mockery of the generic genre you try to imitate

If you notice, you have shit ratings.
That means everyone has "pathetic" auditory perception.
And neither of us can say we have better "equipement", we both used software to make music.
You still need to work on grammar. I can't read your sentences.

better than your ratings, when i talk of equipment, i speak of soundcards and amplifiers and speakers, you don't know if i use analog hardware or not, idiot
& appreciation of music
(taste, smell, etc)
over-awareness & over-sensitization to music and noise


enjoy your meager perception, until you die, missing out on all the post 60's psychedelic music/rave music you try to imitate loser

learn to how format while you're at it, moron

The fact that you may have better equipment...which you probably don't is very unbelievable. While you pretend to be intelligent, using big words and using them incorrectly and spelling them wrong, you say that your music is good because you try hard on it, and you have more knowledge of music. If you had knowledge of music, you would know that picking notes out of a basket and placing them down isn't music. Please take my criticism, if not his, and please practice and try to take criticism more easily, I'm not mad at you, nor do I think you care. Your music just isn't that good, and you have to accept that some people are more talented, whether naturally or not naturally. Practice makes perfect, and Squeezy has had plenty of practice over the years. You think he is slow to the mind, he is more musically inclined than you anyways. Take a tip, practice, or just give up. You aren't good the minute you start making music just because you try hard. We all try hard, which you don't understand. Please, let this sway you, don't just reject it like others. Please, take my advice.

"intelligent and bigwords" (had to make it simpler even hours later) that is just your perception because you are an idiot, shove your wannabe rave music up your ass and your piss poor subjective perception retard, you have not listened to most my music, moron, so shut up. talking about yourself in third person you pathetic alt account loser

"slow to the mind" someone who says it like that is obviously an idiot. your advice is nothing more than producing shoddy wannabe rave music in a poor perception, moron

"i am an artist better that most my age" you can't draw woth shit you little queer, what you can draw is a style that is imitated, loser

You sound like all these other idiots cluttering Newgrounds. Sticking your fingers in your ears going "lalala I can't hear you lalala my music is good everyone's just jealous of me lalala"

Quit bitching and take the criticism people give you.
And stop using that age card on people, that only works when you're... no, wait... that never works.

one liner "review" that is just "it sounds like this to me" isn't criticism you dumb cunt

there is no lalala when i'm directly addressing and exposing the previous users lies and contradictory claims, multiple times

i understand that you and the rest of the children are all subject to inferior public education. so please, educate yourself on the proper definitions of the words you attempt to use

Hey, you know what? Go fuck yourself.
Has it ever occured to you that all of your music sounds like a 5-year-old boy randomly jamming some buttons on his very first toy keyboard? No, it probably hasn't, since you're too busy living in your own little world, completely rejecting any form of criticism, cursing left right and centre, and using overly complicated words of which I'm sure you don't even know the meaning of.

But whatever, continue on living your life in your basement, making your so called ''intelligent'' music. You're not Richard D. James, you're not Aaron Funk, you're a pathetic LSD-ridden cunt who completely lost all sense of reality, and probably doesn't have any friends.

I eagerly await your poorly constructed response, filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Have a nice day.

Sad fuck.

has it occured to me that it sounds like your perception and understanding? no. also "randomly jamming" isn't truely random, read a dictionary

oh, and aside from that, i place all my notes with a keyboard (because i use a tracker) on even numbered lines in the tracker. so they are mathematically sound and on time

so read the definition of intent, and refrain from your lies, i have hundreds of tracks on multiple accounts and on different websites

i'm not "busy in my own world" as i am more aware of the real world. it is evident that you are the one who doesn't know definition as seen above. aside from that. i don't have a hyperreal perception reality where i post photoshopped images and masturbate to them because you are lonely and have a distorted perception of reality as seen in your posts

i'm not someone who's ingested more, and ridden with something that would require such. so shove your wannabe rave music up your ass. laughable shoddy faux-psychedelic bullshit, idiot

time to utter another cliche 4chan slogan, because you are so original. time to produce the shoddy unoriginal music while you're at it

i am in a mode of perception that is above yours and truer, and so when i say that your wannabe rave music is like the drug czar trying to produce it, it is a truism

what is also true is that you rely on references to media (your inferior understanding of it) for 'humour'. you are the epitome of unoriginality and idiocy.

im saddened that you are actually 20 years old. well i don't know if that is true, your cognition seems to be at a 12 year olds level

oh and your tracks are a joke regardless if they're wannabe attempts or not. in order for me to be like you, i have to have an inferior vocabulary. poor perception, use retarded piano roll based software among others. have a diet of inferior food... watch idiotic tv shows.. in other words i would have to bash myself over the head to think like you

and that goes to rest of you deluded lunatics, trying to argue insanity. that is a catch-all term with no real medical definition. it is you that is the one that dwells in illusion, it you that is naive and assert that your perception is reality. so enjoy the cortisol release brought on by your idiocy. it is you that gets a psysiological responses from mere words

Dude it sucks that someone 0 bombs you but you don't post about it. It will just encourage people to vote 0 on your submissions for kicks.

i don't care much about overall score, i just need to remind these people that i get the last *