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Posted by unowned - June 29th, 2011

Buttermilk pancake mix - Nature's Path - 1 year (11 March 2012 or earlier)

Cheddar Bunnies Snack Mix (Annies) -- 1 year (11 Mar 2012 or earlier)
Bunny Fruit Snacks (Annies) 18 months (10 Sept 2012 or earlier)
Nature's Path Sunny Hemp Granola Bars 10 month (11 Jan 12)
Nature's Path Toaster Pastries - 8 months (11 Nov 11)

Also, I have found it pretty easy to find brands of organic pasta and jarred sauce from Italy, so

I've stopped buying local pasta and sauce.
» --http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/336 1

Very nice message about what you doing. We are all trying out best, please mind the potatoes and

sweet potatoes, they seem to absorb up to 4x the amount of cesium as leafy greens. Potatoes are

high in potassium and aborb cesium more readily. I read that here in a blog topic a week ago, a

study was done in Japan about it.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/

We have been buying pre fukishima flour and making our own breads and tortillas, because quite

frankly I do not trust the water sources that are used in the bread

making--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/no de/3361

we eat a lot of dave's organic killer breads...when i contacted them, i was told that they

harvest wheat from spring to fall, at which point their stores are siloed and withdrawn throught

that year. my assumption would be, then, that the next batch of fukushima-era grain will start

showing up on shelves sometime in september/early fall.

i would imagine other granaries are following similar

procedures.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.e du/node/3361

Do you know how much radiation is in Brazil nuts?

And you're worried over what came from Japan?

FYI, they average about 3-4 pCi per GRAM of Radium.


Brazil Nuts
Submitted by T.O. Mom (not verified) on Sun, 2011-05-08 23:56.

Actually, Brazil nuts and bananas contain some of the highest amounts of radiation, naturally. I

don't have the reference, but you can look it up. That said, our family still eats


I found a good lettuce source in CA. Hollandia Farms grows butter lettuce ( and others)

hydroponically in a green house. I called and asked about their water source because their web

site mentions collecting rainwater. They said the little rainwanter they collect gets mixed with

their well water and then goes through an RO system. They are not "organic" because they have to

supplement with fertilizers since it is hydroponic, however they do not use pesticides. You can

get it at most grocery stores in CA and it comes with roots attached. Ah, now I can eat salad

again ; )--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/33 61

and I'm watching what I eat, too, but I think we have to be aware of as much information as we

can on every possible way we're being exposed.

I found this abstract of cesium-137 found in lung tissue of a man who cleaned up at Chernobyl.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/874 4098

So, along with eating well, I'm considering air filters, etc.

Is anyone aware of any vitamins or foods that are "good" for keeping the lungs


Chlorella for one. I can attest to it. When I first began taking the recommended dosage last

month, I immediately began expelling a lot of mucus from my lungs and, um, other areas. Sorry to

be a bit indelicate...it surprised me, so I researched and spoke to my MD about it. I'm very very

healthy and recently had a yearly check up/blood work, so the mucus thing threw me. It only

lasted a few days. But it seems that chlorella is a great cleanser in that respect. I'd love to

know other measures that help the lungs stay healthy.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/

Thank you for this information. Reverse osmosis filters take radiation out of water:

http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminant s/basicinformation/radionuclides.cfm.

We have to take responsibility for our own health and get involved in anti-nuclear movement. Our

apathy got us where we are now.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node /3361?page=1

Consumer grade Reverse Osmosis units:

The prefilter will remove any big chunks of radioactive particles.

Do remove nuclear fallout radionuclide ions such as Plutonium, Uranium, Iodine, Radium, Cesium,

Strontium and so forth. These are the 'bad-boys' and major players that we really need to get out

of the water. Thus RO units are a great product.

There are a few limitations to what RO Units will do. So for example, deuterium and tritium, the

so-called 'heavy water' molecules, with an extra neutron or two, are not removed by RO units.

Some gasses (bubbles) can contain some radioactive particles. These will also not be removed by

RO units.

RO units are well worth the money, if your water supply has received a dusting of radioactive


Costco has large bags of flour that can be frozen and stored long term. The label is Harvest

Flour from ConAgra Foods. It is good for a yr or more from the best buy date. ?? I am sorry, I

have been calling so many food Co that I lost track but remember that it was very long time from

Best Buy date. Their number is 1-800-851-9618...they were friendly and helpful. We froze 2 large

bags of bread and regular flour in separate freezer bags. I am not sure about next year's crop of

wheat but it is hard to say when that wheat will enter the food chain...so I may be baking my own

bread! Every little bit helps I hope.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/nod e/3361?page=1

Why are you avoiding all berries? One of my research sources indicates that Raspberries do not

store Cesium-137.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.e du/node/3361?page=1

I just contacted Lifeway (they make kefir products) and they said "our products are safe -

there's no radiation in them" and then pointed me to this press release

fileticket=kcfN%2fJNLx%2bA%3d&tabid=69 &mid=609

Of course, the press release doesn't say anything except that they are taking their lead from

EPA. This is the trend with all of these healthy organic companies that don't seem to think they

need to do any independent testing. But then put out press releases ASSURING the public that

their product is absolutely safe. She even said "oh, we're in the midwest so we are not affected"
» --http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/336 1?page=1

Thank you to everyone for posting their research on "safe foods" list. Here are some additional

items that I have found...

1. Hothouse Cucmbers and Tomatoes:
Eurofresh Farms: Located in Arizona. They use a HEPA filtration system to filter their indoor

air. They water with well water that is filtered through a reverse osmosis filtration system.

They test their water for radioactive particles, radon, and heavy metals. Their internal

detection guidelines exceed FDA standards. They mentioned that the FDA have allowable levels of

contaminants that Eurofresh does not allow. Check out their video on their website. Looks like

they put a lot of resources towards keeping out contaminants. Eurofresh products are available at

Whole Foods Markets and I've also found them at my local Albertson's market in Southern


2. Peanut, Almond, and Other Nut Butters, and Tahini:
Once Again Nut Butter, Inc.: They bottle all their nut butters and tahini one year prior to the

"best by" date. Their Organic, roasted tahini is made in the US.

3. Food for Life sprouted products. We buy their Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted whole grain cereal (my kids

love this with bananas and fruit mixed in), english muffins, breads, tortillas. Their breads,

english muffins and tortillas can be freezed (Whole Foods Market does this).

Code: L0321
Year of production: K or L
K = 2010
L = 2011
0321: Take the last number and add it to the first three numbers. This gives you 33, which is the

julian date.
L0321 = Packaged on the 33rd day of 2011.

4. Heinz Ketchup: Specifically, I called for the Heinz Organic Ketchup, but the code should apply

to all:
QP0M01: bottled December 1, 2010
QP = Plant code, Made in Ontario, Canada
0 = Year bottled, 2010
M = Bottled in December (A=January, B=February, C=March, D=April, E=May, F=June, G=July,

H=August, J=September, K=October, L=November, M=December, note the letter "I" is skipped)
01: Day of month bottled, 1st

5. Bob's Red Mill: All items are packaged two year prior to "best by" date, and last for two

years after the "best by" date. Best if you freeze. Located in Oregon.

6. Cereal:
Cascadian Farms. Multigrain Cereal, organic: packaged 310 prior to "best by" date. This specific

cereal is produced in Canada. Country of origin varies with their products.

7. Frozen Veggies and Fruits:
Columbia River Organics, All items from the US
Packaged two years prior to "best by" date

8. Eggs:
Pasteurized Egg Whites in a carton: Organic Valley. Packaged 90 days prior to "best by date."

reply--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/nod e/3361?page=1

Cascadian farms is a good brand of frozen vegetables, but the trouble is that often they are

pretty tiny and expensive for families. What about brands found in Costco? Costco already carries

plenty of all natural and organic brands.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/n ode/3361?page=1

Get a dehydrator or canner and start storing some for use during the next couple years. Or get

another freezer to add for more storage room.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/nod e/3361?page=1

I am not discounting your concern here but I don't see how buying pre-Fukushima foods is a

plausible long-term solution or even an option for many of us. CS-137 has a half life of 30


Unless you wrap your entire house in plastic, filter your air and water supply, have a walk- in

freezer or a green house for the next 30 years and never leave you are bound to be exposed

somehow (everyone on earth has been exposed to Chernobyl whether through inhalation or

ingestion). I don't see how posting a "safe list" of pre-Fukushima foods will do anything other

than spark panic-buying.

The entire west coast did NOT suffer the same levels of radiation. In fact intercontinental US

milk supply suffered higher exposures. Look at the EPA website's RadNet data. Current and past

tests show no radio nucleotides in Oregon or Seattle/Tacoma area milk. Intercontinental US states

show much higher concentrations: Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee have more, even triple the

amounts. Vermont milk actually tested positive for CS-137 on one occasion. Though I am unclear

why it did not show up again because of it's long half life. Maybe that cow was pulled from


I am so disappointed in the human response here: shun the affected? Every man for himself? I am

for self-reliance and being prepared but it seems to me this is everybody's problem now and

FOREVER as long as we deem profit more desirable than human life regarding technological

atrocities like nuclear power, nanotechnology, biowarfare. These are just awful choices being

made in the name of profit and we can and must do better for ourselves and our children.

Otherwise we are silently assenting to extinct ourselves and make the planet uninhabitable for

all life. Very sad. Wish instead that we were filled with a deep and abiding desire to protect

all life and insist that corporations and government make it their imperative.
» --http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/336 1?page=1

i. I am not suggesting pre-Fukushima foods as a long term solution, nor that it solves anything,

nor that it absolves anyone from fighting against unsafe sources of power, nor anything else.

Essentially, I'm being pragmatic. I can't do much about cesium. However, from what I've heard, it

isn't taken up by children's bodies as quickly or in as large quantities as the iodine, which is

immediately sucked in and stored in the thyroid for about 100 days.

I-131, with a half life of 8 days, is almost completely gone in 81 days. I'm figuring doing this

till 81 days past the dates when this site shows MDA levels, for as many foods as I'm able to

control. That's not everything, and it may not be enough, but it's the best I can do.

I'm not promoting this, or what I'm doing, as a plan for anyone. Just being open in case it's

helpful to people trying to avoid the worst of it, especially for

kids.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/nod e/3361?page=1

'My "safe" foods list thread originator: Your foods are similar to our food choices excepting the

dairy stuff (for now).

Here's something I just found, take it or leave as possible good ideas for 'sourcing' foods and

some respondents at the link mention New Zealand as a good source for frozen meats:

series-radiation-clouds-hit-west-coast -beginning-april-24-v


April 21, 2011 at 3:47 am · Reply
Helpful Quote from Vesica.org

The Entirety of the Northern Hemisphere around the world is affected by fallout, as well as the

Pacific Ocean.

Most Serious: Japan, Pacific Ocean, and Pacific Rim States

Most Contaminated food areas of North America (based on fallout wind spread patterns charted by

European scientific research agencies) in order of likely intensity of contamination, starting

with the most contaminated:

Entire Pacific Coast (note that much of the produce in North America comes from this region,

especially California)
Northern U.S. States close to Canada, and Canadian areas close to the U.S. (including Toronto

Eastern States
Central States of the U.S., and Far Northern areas of Canada


The majority of contamination is in the northern hemisphere and the Pacific Ocean region. Most of

the Southern Hemisphere has little to no fallout (the exception is the Southern Hemisphere in the

Pacific; Australia for example is finding radioactive fish in the ocean, so although they may not

get much atmospheric fallout they are affected by the massive contamination of the Pacific


Also note that radioactive contamination is being found on non-food products being imported from


Safest Areas of Origin for food products:
Central America (avoid items from the Pacific Coast area of Mexico)
South America

Europe is also far less contaminated that North America, although it is also experiencing

significant fallout; so it is a better source for products than North America, however not as

good as Southern Hemisphere sources. (However some South American produce may contain high levels

of pesticides not allowed to be used in the U.S. or Canada.)


Most affected:

All Ocean-Derived Products from the Pacific Ocean: the Fukushima accident dumped millions of

times the normal background levels of radiation into the Pacific, where it is affecting the

entire ocean (most toxic near Japan and bordering areas, but now reaching to the US West Coast:

debris from the Tsunami in Japan is also expected to start washing up on the West Coast in the

near future.) There are already reports of Pacific Fish showing radioactive contamination.
This indicates a need to be cautious regarding:
All Pacific Ocean Fish
Sea Salt or Ocean Minerals derived from the Pacific
All Pacific Seaweed and Sea Vegetables (order Atlantic Ocean seaweed at

http://www.theseaweedman.com )

Milk and all Dairy Products (butter, cheese etc.) from all animals: Cows, Goats, and Sheep (Dairy

products have the most intense immediate absorption of radiation from fallout). Radioactive

contamination of milk has been found throughout the United States, especially on the West Coast.

Any plant with a large surface area exposed to the air while growing: The most intense radiation

absorption in plants is through rain falling directly on the leaves of the plant, where it is

directly absorbed. Rainwater absorbed through the earth into the plant is already of much lower

radiation intensity due to the filtering affect of the soil.
All broad leaf plants and plants with large surface areas grown in the open air (rather than in

greenhouses) are the most contaminated, for instance Salad Greens, Spinach, Cabbage etc.

Contaminated crops in California (carrying radioactive iodine and cesium) have already been

confirmed by UC Berkeley.
[Carrots and other root vegetables are less contaminated due to growing underground.]

Water from Rainwater or Open Lake type catchments: instead drink bottled water, or water from

underground wells or other underground sources (radiation is greatly reduced when the particles

have to travel through the ground.)



-Off my menu: All Seafoods because the oceans really are a military and industrial sewer! Yes, I

will miss Anchovies on my pizza, fishsticks, red snapper, tuna (even 'chicken of the sea' is no

longer 'worthy,'crab, fake crab (made with Pollock, an ocean fish), clam chowder, Nori

Seaweed,Caviar etc... See:

http://pstuph.wordpress.com/2011/04/01 /can-ocean-currents-transport-radioact ive-materials-to-the-


Chernobyl has provided a LOT of data on what is safer and what isn't. Specific plant species

uptakes of various isotopes are known, as are techniques to decrease uptake. The same is true of

different animal species. For instance, goats uptake more than cows.

Going forward, provided there isn't another major release of isotopes, the problem will be

biological concentration as plants, then animals, selectively take chemicals into their cells.

Again, areas in Europe have BEEN having a much greater problem than we currently do. We just

didn't have it staring us in the face, so most of us aren't educated on the subject. Yet.

Personally, I'm salting my food with 'lite' salt for the potassium content and taking a calcium

supplement. If supplementation works to cut isotope uptake for plants, milk cows, and meat

animals, it ought to help me too.

I'm ALSO going to be paying close attention to the voting history of every candidate in every

election. No one who supports nuclear power will EVER get my vote. We have to shut the technology

down. No one should be allowed to contaminate the entire planet with something that can destroy

DNA for generations.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.


Birdseye frozen vegetables follow the following convention for their packing dates:

Only the first 5 digits of the code are needed:


Where Y = year, 0=2010, 1=2011
Where PP = plant (don't care)
Where M = month, 1-9,O,N,D Where 1 is January and D is December
Where D = Day, A-Z,1,2,3,4,5 Where A is 1 and 5 is 31

So March 11, 2011 would be 1XX3KXXXX

Just bought 40 gallons of pre-fukushima organic apple juice bottled in Washington State that my

5-year-old autistic son drinks. I figure why take the chance. We'll drink it soon enough either


Have a happy day.

Another Anonymous--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu /node/3361?page=1

Organic Valley was one of the few companies to answer every request I made, quickly and in a

friendly way. Organic Prairie is the same company and were equally, delightfully helpful.

Hain was difficult - they would give me shelf life but not say where anything was from (my Canola

Oil says it could be made in US, Switzerland or Argentina).

Trader Joes would only tell me that at a southern California store the organic milk would be from

southern California. The local store was willing to call suppliers but they came back with


I loved how proud Smart Chicken was to tell me ALL their chickens are from Nebraska.

I have learned a lot from doing this, including how fast our food gets processed (I was somewhat

astonished at the speed of chicken, for example, and sour cream).

BTW, I rarely mentioned radiation concerns to any of these companies except the ones that had

seaweed or Japanese products. I just talked about freshness and shelf life.
» --http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/336 1?page=2

Where are you buying "Smart chicken" (which store)?

Some other helpful food info...

We're drinking SACO mix n drink powdered milk from Costco packed before March 11th. I have to say

the stuff tastes 99% like real milk. I was pleasantly surprised. It expires in Jan 2013, so we're

stocking up on that.

Organic Valley was very helpful when I called about their milk. For this reason, I will drink it

again if the levels dissapear. Other milk companies acted more annoyed when we called.

Tillamook has cheeses aged and packed pre-Fukushima. Their sharp cheddar is aged 9 months so

we're stocking up on that too. The label says clearly "aged 9 months" and the company verified it

by phone.

We're drinking reverse osmosis water from Costco (kirkland signature drinking water). Costco

confirmed it is reverse osmosis.

Buying produce grown in greenhouses whenever possible. Hate to say it, but we're choosing the

non-organic versions over the organic versions if they are grown in a greenhouse. Pick your


The companies I've called expect me to say I'm calling about radiation, so don't be afraid to

tell them if they ask. The only people that seemed surprised when I told them why I was calling

were the folks who make organic chicken breasts for Costco. Can't remember the company name, but

they were pleasant and helpful.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/

Sad, but true. During a radionuclide storm (nuclear fallout event), goats, sheep and deer

bioconcentrate radionuclides more efficiently than cattle.

This is due to the preferred (goat, sheep & deer) diet, which consists of broadleaf weeds

(forbs). The large surface area of forb leaves, catch more radioactive dust and black rain than

the grasses.

Forbs generally absorb the radionuclides from dust and rain more effectively than the grasses.

Thus dairy products from sheep, goats and raindeer are more dangerous during nuclear fallout

events than cow'w milk.

:(--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/3 361?page=2

I just tried Almond Milk today I LOVE IT!! I am not a big fan of powdered milk but I have been

using it for cooking but my 5 year old wants MILK! He tried the Almond Milk and he loved it too!

Tried the soy milks but ...ugh! Try the Almond Milk!!
» --http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/336 1?page=2

What Japan's Radiation Means for U.S. Food

japans-radiation-means-for-u-s-food.ht ml#--http


Lucky's carries KerryGold butter which purports to be imported from Ireland. I know our No Cal

butter probably has very little CS 137 but the very thought of it being there at all is

unappetizing to me. So I eschewed my regular Land O Lakes butter (which clearly says "Real

California Milk" on the label) to get some KerryGold. I have to say it tastes a lot better. But

then I read on the internet that Ireland has CS 137 in their Milk too. This is a fun game but it

just seems too hard to avoid the poison. Maybe its a good time to become a Breatharian, they

claim to live forever with no food. Then again "Prana" probably has Cesium in it now

too.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node /3361?page=2

Many food options are available once we discover one may not be safe. Try another brand, just

like you did and once that option doesn't work try a new product. Coconut oil is a wonderful and

nourishing fat. It has a two year shelf life. Garden of Life is my favorite. Many are from the

phillipines so I'm not sure how contanimated it is but it probably is still old product at this

point because it has such a long shelf life. Many jars of salsa are

prefukishima.--http://www.nuc.berkeley .edu/node/3361?page=2
Jun 24, 2011 06:19:25 AM
Anyone had leg muscle pains?
A little dizziness?
Lungs feel heavy when outside for awhile?
Coughing but can't get anything up-dry cough?
Feeling like you can't get a good breath of air?
Feel/sense powderish-consistency to the air that's not like pollen?
Anyone have a metallic taste in their mouth in March?
Anyone's air smelling like

us-should-continue-monitoring-milk-rai n-because-of-fukushim

a-it-always-turns-out-that-radiation-i s-higher-than-first-thought

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl es/PMC1919831/pdf/pubhealthreporig0004 3-0063.pdf--http://ww


[edit] Experiments performed in the United

States--https://secure.wikimedia.org/w ikipedia/en/wiki/Human_radiation_exper iments#Experiments_pe


Unethical human experimentation in the United

States--https://secure.wikimedia.org/w ikipedia/en/wiki/Human_radiation_exper iments_in_the_United_


Radioactive dust from Fukushima plant hit N. America soon after meltdown:

researchers--http://mdn.mainichi.jp/md nnews/news/20110623p2a00m0na006000c.ht ml

Radioactive dust from Fukushima plant hits N. America

--http://mdn.mainichi.jp/video/mai/030 8.html?keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&he ight=500&width=430

Avoid rain as much as you can. Cover up, use an umbrella, if you have to be out. Don't drag rain

water into your home. Take off shoes and wet clothes at the door, and leave umbrella outside (but

not IN the rain!), if that's an option.--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/n ode/2187

nuclear testing.wmv --https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U8C ZAKSsNA&feature=player_detailpage

The atom bomb tests over the Nevada desert are etched in the American consciousness, even though

they ended nearly half a century ago. The clouds that looked like gigantic mushrooms rising into

the stratosphere remind us of the Cold War-era American-Soviet race to test and manufacture as

many nuclear weapons as possible to fight what many felt would be an inevitable nuclear

war.--http://wakeupfromyourslumber.com /blog/aletho-news/seeking-new-clues-ca ncer-risks-atom-bomb-


%u2622Part One - Radioactivity in Food%u2622 and How to Use Your Geiger Counter

--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKLp A3PWlT4

http://www.time.com/time/magazine/arti cle/0,9171,824733,00.html

"U.S. daily press reports have indicated that radioactive strontium 90 from the fallout of

thermonuclear explosions is nothing to worry about. Japanese scientists do not agree. On April 8

scientists working under Japan's Atomic Energy Commission will present a report to the United

Nations Radiation Committee. Its gist: strontium 90 should be studied carefully, and much more

must be known about it before it can be written off as harmless to the human


In their small sample, however, the researchers found a good deal of variation between

individuals. The rapidly growing bones of young children averaged three to four times as much

strontium 90 as the bones of adults. Even certain adults had ten times more than others. One

sample of adult shinbone from Vancouver, B.C. had 75 times as much as the average.
Survey to track Fukushima residents' health for 30

years--http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/nat ional/T110624005180.htm

GE, the maker of the reactors media arm owns the following:
NBCUniversal (49% ownership)
NBC - National Broadcasting Company
NBC Network Television stations
WNBC 4 - New York
KNBC 4 - Los Angeles
WMAQ 5 - Chicago
WCAU 10 - Philadelphia
KNTV 11 - San Jose/San Francisco
KXAS 5 - Dallas/Fort Worth²
WRC 4 - Washington
WTVJ 6 - Miami
KNSD 39 (cable 7) - San Diego²
WVIT 30 - Hartford
NBC Entertainment
NBC News
NBC Sports
NBC Studios
NBCUniversal Sports & Olympics
NBCUniversal Television Group
Universal Media Studios
NBC Universal Television Distribution
NBC Universal International Television
EMKA, Ltd.
NBC Universal Digital Media
NBC Universal Cable
A&E Television Networks (co-owned with The Hearst Corporation and Disney/ABC):
The Biography Channel
Crime & Investigation Network
The History Channel
The History Channel en Español
History Channel International
Military History Channel
Chiller (horror-themed cable channel, launched March 1, 2007) [1]
CNBC World
MSNBC (co-owned with Microsoft)
NBC WeatherPlus
USA Network
Universal HD
The Weather Channel
NBCUniversal Global Networks
NBCUniversal Global Networks
LAPTV (Latin America) - co-owned with Paramount Pictures (Viacom), MGM and 20th Century Fox (News

Telecine (Brazil) - co-owned with Globosat Canais, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, MGM and 20th

Century Fox;
Universal Channel Latin America (except Brazil
Universal Channel Brazil (co-owned with Globosat Canais);
Sci Fi Channel (Latin America)
NBCUniversal Global Networks España.
KVEA/KWHY - Los Angeles
WNJU - New York
WSCV - Miami
KTMD - Houston
WSNS - Chicago
KXTX - Dallas/Fort Worth
KVDA - San Antonio
KSTS - San Jose/San Francisco
KTAZ - Phoenix
KBLR - Las Vegas
KNSO - Fresno
KDEN - Longmont, Colorado
WNEU - Boston/Merrimack
KHRR - Tucson
WKAQ - Puerto Rico
Universal Studios (co-owned with Vivendi)
Universal Pictures
Focus Features
Working Title Films
Universal Studios Licensing
Universal Animation Studios
Universal Interactive
Universal Pictures International
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Universal Home Entertainment Productions
United International Pictures (co-owned with Paramount Pictures/Viacom);
Universal Operations Group
Universal Production Studios
Universal Parks & Resorts
qubo - Qubo Venture,LLC¹
¹Minority interest
²Stations which LIN Television owns a minority interest (24%)

in--http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/4 659

US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant:

news-newspaper-daily-english-online/In ternational/18-Jun-20

11/US-orders-news-blackout-over-crippl ed-Nebraska-Nuclear-Plant-report

Fathers Seeking Custody Face Gender Bias

Battles--http://childcustody.factexper t.com/1370-custody-gender-bias.php

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control is stressing that radiation originating from an

earthquake-stricken nuclear power plant in Japan poses "no health risk" to people in British


In a Monday (March 21) update on its website, the centre confirmed that it had been told by

Health Canada that "minute" amounts of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi plant were detected

by monitoring stations in the province.

"The amounts of radiation from Japan detected over the past few days in BC measure 0.0000005

millisieverts, which is significantly less than those coming from other sources," Monday's update


"Scientists measure exposure to ionizing radiation using a unit of measurement called a sievert.

The average Canadian is exposed to between 2 and 3 millisieverts of radiation annually from

background radiation."

Today (March 22), the centre said in an update: "Health Canada anticipates that the quantity of

radiation reaching Canada, would be negligible and not pose a health risk to Canadians. We are

expecting very slight increases in radiation, smaller than the normal day to day fluctuations

until a week after the reactors are stabilized."

--http://www.straight.com/article-3828 35/vancouver/negligible-radiation-japa n-nuclear-power-plant