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2011-09-16 13:48:17 by unowned

and according to some stat whore loser with thouands of postss, im in it for the postcount (only 5000 in five years). think before act and don't think anymore after that!


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2011-09-16 13:54:53

Hello i dont know you i just wanted to say Hello :)
I noticed youve been having problems with others on NG i also have the same problem..unfortunatly uhhh But i just wanted to give you a heads up on some total Fucking losers & to avoid them cuz there sick in the head!
TheReviewer-IAmNotNice-MegaPedobear-M rRager-NahmanJayden
Im sure there are many more but i Just thought you should know.
Have a good day & who knows , Maybe ill ttyl :P Keep that chin up Hunn!